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Town And Country Alandale

The ALANDALE is a new contemporary looking stove designed purely for burning wood. It is a smaller version of the PICKERING stove with sleek lines and a good size glass and can burn logs up to 250mm long.

It is rated at 4.6KW heat output and is tested to the new Eco Design standards coming into force in 2022. It is a good choice for the environmentally conscious with low emissions and is approved for burning wood in smoke control areas.

As with all our new stoves the control is very easy, just one lever at the front below the door to control the air intake and the tertiary air which ignites the gases at the rear of the firebox for a cleaner burn.

The stove is fitted with our new design cool touch door handle for ease of use. There is also a log store version of the ALANDALE which is suitable for taller openings or freestanding situations.