Stove and Fireplace Installation

Fireplace installation

Planning your new Stove / Fireplace installation

When was the last time you bought a stove or fireplace? You will be amazed at how fires have evolved, interact with our live Gas, Electric & Wood burning appliances.

Visit our studio (booking an appointment is always recommended) When visiting if you could please try and bring the following..

 New build / extensions – Bring plans, photos on a phone, tablet or similar device and any more beneficial information you deem to be necessary.               

Existing Chimney / No Chimney – Photos of the proposed location inside and out showing roof elevations, flue runs etc. Room sizes, chimney and chimney opening sizes with width of the overall chimney.

Stove Installation

If you have seen/found any pictures of the type of appliance and the final spec you are looking for then bring this with you to help.

Once you have chosen your desired appliance and style option, rough pricing will be given and then if required a home visit / site appraisal will be arranged.

One of our qualified team will carry out a home/site visit.  Whilst we are visiting your home the key points we look at are…

  • Appliance and location
  • Flue / Chimney requirements
  • Design
  • Air vent requirements (if required)
  • Hearth
  • Access with risk assessments
  • Time scale
  • finishing (plastering etc.)

After this we like to invite you back into our studio, where we run through the pricing, design and installation. The pricing will be broken down for you with the installation explained. Questions will be answered and any changes can be made.

From ordering there is usually an approximately 2 – 8 week lead time, this is all dependent to the lead time from the manufacture or our installation team. We offer supply only and supply and installation.