Rais Visio 160 3s Peninsular

For sale Ex-Display Rais Visio 160/45/32 3s natural gas, balance flued appliance with log fuel set, LED lights, full remote control and stainless steel installation frame. Retails £7534.00 inc vat

SALE PRICE £6295.00 inc vat.

RAIS Visio 160 3S is, with a front pane measuring as much as 160 cm, the largest of the models with glass on three sides. All you can see here are flames, no matter what side of the gas fireplace you are looking at. With a discreet steel frame, this gas fireplace has incredibly authentic flames. You easily adjust the heat from the fireplace with the accompanying remote control or an app on your telephone/tablet.

These appliance & items has been on display in our display unit and is now available for sale. We recommend inspection before purchase. Some marks & used.

  • Technical Spec

    Retail Price:
    £7534.00 inc vat
    Sales Price:
    £6295.64 inc vat
    Appliance Type:
    Dry Appliance
    Fuel Type:
    Flue Type:
    Top Balance Flue
    Output Range:
    3 - 17.2kw
    CE Approved:
  • Dimensions

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