Rais Nexo 100

For sale Ex-Display Rais Nexo 100 with glass door and leather handle. Retails £3053.00 inc vat

SALE PRICE £2495.00 inc vat.

Nexo 100 is the epitome of clean lines and streamlined design. This stove features a very large glass pane and a large chamber, so you can truly enjoy the fire. Choose among six different colours, side glass, handles and much more, so the stove fits perfectly into your home interior. A super modern stove – also in terms of quality, combustion and the environment.

These appliance & items has been on display in our display unit and is now available for sale. We recommend inspection before purchase. Some marks & used.

  • Technical Spec

    Retail Price:
    £3053.00 inc vat
    Sales Price:
    £2495.00 inc vat
    Appliance Type:
    Dry Appliance
    Fuel Type:
    Nominal Output:
    Output Range:
    2-7 kw
    Defra Approved:
    Hetas Approved:
    CE Approved:
  • Dimensions

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