Rais 2.1 Ex-Display

Ex-display not used. This appliance has one glass door & one steel framed door.

Only £3145.50 inc vat

This is the stove, which adds a new dimension to your home. Continuous stoves for bricking in, with doors on both sides so that you can see the fire from two rooms – from the dining room and from the sofa. Exceptionally beautiful widescreen – a design with clean lines that matches the modern home. Highly efficient combustion keeps the panes clean even at low output. Double glass doors make it possible to place furniture close to the stove. They may be hung on the right or left. One side may be locked. The frame size can be adjusted.

This appliance has been on display in our display unit and is now available for sale. We recommend inspection before purchase. Some marks.

Technical Spec

Ex-Display :
£3145.50 inc vat
Retail Price:
£3690.00 inc vat
Appliance Type:
Fuel Type:
Wood Only
Nominal Output:
Output Range:
3 - 9kw
Heating Range:
45 - 135m2
Defra Approved:
Hetas Approved:
CE Approved:


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