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Girse Outdoor Fireplace and BBQ

The Girse Outdoor Fireplace and BBQ is a handmade outdoor fireplace made of stainless steel. It can also be used as a barbecue. This combined outdoor fireplace and BBQ from Girse is the ideal way to extend summer evenings outside, or even create cosy summer warmth on those chilly autumn and spring days. Thanks to a thick lining of vermiculite fire bricks, the fireplace takes the heat from burning wood and directs it very effectively forwards and outwards to where it is needed (up to 5m away).

Colours: Available in Black, Brown and Silver and in three Sizes: Type 1: 195cm, Type 2: 225cm and Type 3: 265cm.

Three smooth-running stainless steel castors beneath the fire ensure full mobility. The fire can easily be moved from one place to another, or just adapted to a new wind direction. This is a true outdoor fire which is made completely out of stainless steel (up to 3mm thick). The corrosion-resistant construction allows you to leave your fire place outdoors and without a coverall year round. When it comes to cooking, a sturdy stainless steel barbecue grill is available as an optional accessory. The grill simply hinges on the frame at one of four different heights and to make things more interesting, a wide range of very stylish cooking accessories are available which are mounted in exactly the same way.