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Hase Sila IQ With Ceramics

The Sila IQ in Silver Grey with Alabasta ceramic sides & top which been unused in our showroom. Sold as seen with some marks. Viewings recommend.

Our SILA stove can be configured in a wide variety of ways, so you can really be creative. And its fire presentation is exceptionally beautiful. You can personalise your own SILA, as an all-steel version with ceramic or in a soapstone variant. Exactly how you like it best. By the way, you can direct the dancing flames and warmth of the SILA into any part of the room by just rotating the stove body – for homes with open floor plans, that is an outstanding advantage for enjoying the fire.

The iQ technology revolutionises wood-burning stove fires. Our intelligent software and automatic air control make the stove fire cleaner than ever before. Please click here for more information on the IQ system.

£4,475.00 inc VAT