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Piazzetta Marvik

The Marvik is part of the unique Panoramic fireplace collection by Italian stovemakers Piazzetta. Offering an unobstructed 360 ∞ view of the fire, the large glass panes and beautiful hand finished majolica cladding perfectly complement the modern open plan living space. The two semi-circular glass panes are electronically operated to facilitate refuelling. Special sensors ensure safety during opening and closing.

LARGE AND DEEP GRATE AREA – Exclusively shaped and practical. The capacious grate, makes the fireplace highly practical with considerable space provided for the embers.

STEEL STRUCTURE – Solid and durable. The steel structure makes the appliance solid, sturdy and durable – the features that have always distinguished Piazzetta products.

FLAWLESS COMBUSTION – The combustion air flow is calibrated to ensure low emissions and clean glass. The refractory firebed in Aluker – a patented Piazzetta ceramic material – improves combustion and makes the fireplace attractive to look at even when it is not in use.