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Devaux Deco Mixed Cover

This visual protection, made in France in wood and aluminum, stands out for its excellent quality-price ratio, protecting both your air conditioner or your heat pump and flattering your view.

An affordable investment to enjoy the benefits every day: decoration of your installation, noise channeling, stainless material. In addition, with this envelope, you give a real design touch to your air conditioner or heat pump.

 Features :
    Visual protection: conceals the view of the exterior unit
    Protects your outdoor unit from shocks and bad weather
    Enclosure: aluminum, stainless steel fixing elements
    Slats: pine wood from the Vosges forest in France (100% PEFC), ready to be painted or stained
    Quick and easy assembly of the envelope
    Prevents children and pets from approaching the fan
    Channels engine noise forward and reduces noise level
    Requires no special maintenance
    Disassembles easily to access the engine when needed
    Suitable for heat pumps and air conditioners
    Extensions available if you want to increase the depth
    External size L 102 x H 78 x D 50 cm (L 97 x H 76 x D 46 cm internal)