Capital Eco 2022 Stoves

Here at Capital, we are committed to meeting the future stringent efficiency and emission limits sooner than is required. Therefore we are proud to launch our new range of ECO Design ready Stoves. The Capital ECO range has been designed to help improve air quality and are more environmentally friendly than ever having A to A+ energy ratings. As a result, householders will significantly reduce their carbon footprint and can enjoy their stove with added reassurance their purchase is of a high environmental standard.

DEFRA included wood burning stoves in their 2019 Clean Air Strategy, their aim by doing this is to reduce the amount of harmful emissions that affect air quality by ensuring stove manufacturers improve the performance and efficiency of their stoves.

By January 2022 it will be law that all solid fuel appliances sold after that date have to be Eco Design Compliant. To be Eco Design Compliant, stoves will need to significantly improve emissions when compared to current stoves on the market or to open fires. At Capital we launched our first range of fully compliant Eco 2022 Ready Stoves in 2018. We were proud to do this knowing we were one of the first companies to have stoves that were already achieving the necessary standards.

Bassington Eco Enamel

barrington enamel SQ

Improving our carbon footprint is a key part of our business philosophy and vital to that strategy is our partnership with the National Forest, one of Britain’s biggest environmental projects, covering 200 square miles of Leicestershire, Derbyshire, and Staffordshire. For every Capital Eco Stove that is purchased, you are helping to grow the National Forest and create woodland habitats that will benefit people and wildlife for years to come. In 27 years, the National Forest has grown the region’s woodland cover from 6% to 21%. By supporting this initiative, you’re helping us to make habitats for wildlife and grow a healthier, happier Britain. For more information about the National Forest please visit