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Transforming craftsmanship into outdoor furniture for daily use. It sounds straightforward, but it demands a lot of knowledge and a nity with crafts such as weaving and woodworking. These are traditional crafts that are seldom recognised as such these days, but we have treasured them with passion for decades.

Aluminium & Stainless Steel

2017 Borek alu outdoor fabric Bergen dining chair alu Bergen table SQ 1


2018 Borek Dekton Faro table Bertram Beerbaum rope Andria chair Studio Borek SQ


Borek teak Sevilla chair table Tarifa table Sq

Belt & Rope

2020 Borek Ardenza rope Aveiro lounge chair ottoman Sq


borek outdoor parasol arizona Sq

2017 is a special year for Borek: our family company has now been in operation for 40 years. As family company we always focus on innovation and sustainability; quality and excellence; comfort and seating pleasure. Borek has developed gradually, as did the brand recognition of our similarly-named outdoor furniture and parasol collection. These days our very own Dutch designs enjoy international recognition, taking our furniture with a solid Dutch foundation created by renowned designers to foreign markets. Reflecting on Borek’s 40-year history in this anniversary year, I mainly see a strong growth in our image and name recognition. In these four decades we have presented an evolution in materials, colours and shapes, with one overriding theme: top quality. And such quality is a result of Borek’s production of outdoor furniture using only the best materials and crafted by the most experienced craftsmen.

We aim for a collection that is a blend of a unique look and excellence; a collection full of emotion, passion and a compelling perspective. The Borek collection is the haute couture for your garden with its associated timelessness, excellence and delightful look. We have connected sophisticated design with the natural environment of the garden for 40 years.