Corner Gas Fires

Wide or narrow, cozy or imposing, corner fireplaces are ideal and flexible architectural solutions that bring focus to any space.

Corner Clear 40

Coner Clear 40 SQ

Corner Clear 40H70

Ortal Clear Corner 40H70 SQ

Corner Clear 75

Ortal Clear Corner 75 SQ

Corner Clear 130

Clear 110 CornerRHS SQ

Corner Clear 130

130 LS 1 SQ

Corner Clear 150

Clear 150LS with Double Glass SQ

Corner Clear 170

Clear 170 cornerRHS SQ

Corner Clear 200

200RS Viejas Hotel lobby San Diego CA SQ

Standard features:

  • Clear ceramic glass for an unimpaired visual effect.
  • Frameless design for a fuller view of the fire
  • Remote handset- this controls ignition and also incorporates timer and thermostat.
  • Battery powered control box – continues to operate during a power cut.
  • Decorative fuel bed – a choice of large or small logs, large or small pebbles, driftwood, glass beads.
  • Balanced flue – A balanced flue gas fire is room-sealed with a glass front. The flue uses natural draught to draw fresh air in and discharge the gas exhaust to outside.

Optional features:

  • Dual line burner- for individual control of each line of flame (not available on 40 models)
  • Reflecting Interior – to add extra depth to the flame effect.
  • Natural Gas or LPG
  • Mains electrical connection for the control box – no changing of batteries required.
  • Fan exhaust system- allows longer flue runs up to 20-30 metres and up to 6 bends

Special options (must be specified at time order)

  • Protective mesh screen- for ultimate safety in the home or public areas. Can be easily removed or replaced according to circumstances.
  • Double Glazing – to keep the outer glass surface cooler, perfect for public areas



Choose from these alternative fuel bed effects, which are included in the price of the fire.