The Clearview 650 wood stove is a traditional style wood burning stove that is available in 6 beautiful colours. The Clearview 650 has two large double glazed doors and is an efficient clean burning stove that has the hot air wash system common to all Clearview wood stoves. The Clearview 650 also comes in a variety of designs as a Flat Top, Low Canopy or High Canopy.

Vision 500

The Clearview Vision 500 Wood burning Stove was the first multi-fuel stove approved for burning wood and authorized fuel in UK smoke control areas. Available in 6 colours and in three designs – Flat Top, Low Canopy or High Canopy. This stove has a large single door with a clean burning clear view common to all Clearview Stoves. The deep firebox can take 15″ logs and the flat top design has a good cooking surface.

Pioneer 400

The Pioneer 400 is the highest specification small stove ever built. It’s so fuel efficient it can burn as little as one kilo of wood an hour, boil a kettle and even heat your water, if the 8,000 Btu boiler is added. This rugged and stylish stove is equally at home in a country cottage, modern apartment and even a mobile home or boat.